Sonntag, 7. August 2011

Whimsy Stamps - Forget me not


heute zeige ich Euch noch eine Karte,
die ich für

Das Motiv heißt
Forget me not


Riet hat gesagt…

What a gorgeous card.

Hugs Riet.xx

debby4000 hat gesagt…

Oh gorgeous, beautiful card.

Marilyn hat gesagt…

This is stunning... so lovely!

rolling panda hat gesagt…

This is really gorgeous card. Thee way the flowers are arranged round the image is gorgeous! Perfect colour you done in your marvelous card.

emergency shower and eyewash station hat gesagt…

There are no beautiful word to say about it. This is stunning colour with attractive flower on her hand.

gifts for men hat gesagt…

I thought that flowers are real, after some time when images are cleared. I face that flowers are artificial and your work is such a awesome.

codigo promocional hat gesagt…

This sweet card is beautiful as always your coloring is fantastic. You are such a very talented and best to sharing a unique work with us.

printed mugs hat gesagt…

That's amazing card. I love this card. Its color combination, girl image and flowers are looking very nice.

codice sconto hat gesagt…

Wow I love this card. This card is looks very beautiful and this card is beautifully decorate with flowers.